zaterdag 30 juni 2012

New Website!

Welcome to Ninatown! Check out my new website!
From now on you can follow my blog here as well :-)

woensdag 27 juni 2012

Eind Expositie

Het is zover! Samen met andere afgestudeerden van het St. Joost ben ik te zien tijdens de eindexpositie. Dus komt dat zien in Breda! :-)

donderdag 31 mei 2012


And there they are!
Always exciting to see how designs look when they are printed on another material, like textile, but I'm happy with the result!
The aprons are available at my Envelop Webshop.

maandag 21 mei 2012

Sneak Preview!

Psst! These aprons are part of a project I'm still working on, but you can already order them!
They are called 'Vegetables', 'Fruit' and 'Herbs'. Take a look at my webshop on Envelop.

maandag 26 maart 2012

Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigans music makes me very happy and she really has the coolest videos. Good start of spring!

zondag 19 februari 2012

I can't apologize enough

Project by David Fullarton
David: "This is an ongoing series of small mixed media drawings. Each one is an imagined apology combined with a pencil portrait drawn from found pictures of people I've never met.
Although I'm British, I've lived in the USA for the last 16 years, which means I come from a place where everyone constantly aplogises for everything, and I live in a place where no one ever apologizes for anything. This series has come about as a result of that experience.
The pieces are also intended to explore the capability of a short, contextless phrase to insinuate a variety of larger and more complex narratives in the perception of the beholder."

dinsdag 14 februari 2012


Last week I visited the design fair OBJECT in Rotterdam.
Here are some examples of jewelry designs that I like.

1. Hilde de Decker - porcelain garlic necklace
2. Nina Sajet - cabbage necklace
3. Stephanie Fleck - brooches